Qingming Festival

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April 5th in the Gregorian calendar. Tomb-sweeping day is at the turn of mid-spring and late spring, which is the 108th day after the winter solstice. Qingming was only the name of a solar term at first, and it became a festival to commemorate ancestors related to the Cold Food Festival. Jin Wengong designated the day after the Cold Food Festival as the Qingming Festival. In most areas of Shanxi, the Cold Food Festival is celebrated the day before the Qingming Festival. Sushe County and other places celebrate the Cold Food Festival two days before Qingming Festival. Yuanqu County also pays attention to the day before Qingming Festival as the Cold Food Festival and the two days before Qingming Festival as the Minor Cold Food Festival. In 1935, the government of the Republic of China designated April 5th as the National Tomb-sweeping Day, also known as the National Tomb Sweeping Day.

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